Best Fresh-Cut Flower Delivery Services in Nairobi

Looking for the best flower delivery services in Nairobi? We the are just a call away and a to place an order for the most beautiful and freshest flowers including Helium Balloons you can find in Nairobi.

Having been in the flower business since 90’s, we have with us the most and proficient and experienced workforce that is committed to make your event so colorful to become the talk of the city.Nairobi-flower-delivery

We pride ourselves for being blessed with the unsurpassed team we could ever have enabling us to come the far we have to make your twinkling moment the happiest and worth of reminiscences. Time has allowed us to capture and learn from our experience, and for that reason we have all the essentialities, tactics, borne-creativity and inimitable selection to match each of our clients’ budget, occasion and preferences.

The selection ranges from flower arrangement, color and a feel of naturalness to light the moment. To us no event that we take in as huge or small; be it a newborns’ fête or celebration of life, creativity and energy is put altogether to create the mood for a happy and successful celebration.  

Here’s a secret to lighten up that special person’s day, a colleague, lover or a spouse; just order a bunch of roses with us and we will get it delivered within no time. Our pleasure is assisting to create a beautiful time to simply remind them how much you relish them.

With proficiency, we offer the best flower delivery services in Nairobi. Want to send an appealing message to that person who cause some chills down your spine? Find us and expect no disappointment. will be with you all through as you make that big step in your life.

We have learnt the art. When it comes to love, and showing utmost affection, the bouquets we offer, have never disappointed and will never will. That we can ascertain. We usually receive a lot of appreciation cards and gifts from our much esteemed clients. And that not only makes us feel great but it is which gives us energy, gratification and relinquishes our strength and vitality.nairobi-flower-delivery

Just by the mention of a wedding, we all have that picture in mind of how the occasion ought to be graced with awe and beauty. Much of this can only be made possible with the best selection flower decorations. Search no further, you have found us; the best wedding flower delivery team that you have always dreamt of. Give us the opportunity and we’ll create you a Wonderland to make the event count. Yearning to show your woman how much you love and treasure her? Here’s the secret. Make the wedding day as beautiful as ever by contacting us through email, a call or simply order a wedding bouquet with us. We are the most preferred and sought flower company to deliver the most appealing wedding flowers in Kenya. We understand how the moment is critical in celebrating a lovers union. Our commitment to making your day a success is unwavering and we will make it tale told to generations; the memories and images will leave on as true evidence.nairobi-flower-delivery

There’s magic and mystical powers that comes with flowers. That is what we sought to unravel. Startlingly, while in the mix of all this, we have found a more fulfilling path to tread. Revealing the beauty, splendor and magnificence created by nature. We have taken it upon ourselves to put up and astounding collection of the most beautiful flowers that portrays aesthetic touch and fragrance. Our collections are so rich that we have what you cannot find in other flower shops.

More fascinating, will always ensure only the freshest flower are delivered for you because we have no intentions to spoil the moment-and more importantly we aim to make a long-lasting partnership.

What are friends for if not making life experience more exciting and full of memories?

To make it more tasteful, we, as the flower people have a well customized bouquet for special occasions or a course for flower delivery. How to send a sincere thank you can sometimes prove to be a difficult task in deciding what’s best to show total gratitude. With our flower people and experts in Nairobi, the task has never been easier. In consideration of how you intend to say thank you, the bouquet is perfected by a box of chocolate bars, best food packages and for the lovers of wine we have the best of the best champagne you can ever have. Expect only the best from us…nothing less, nothing less only more and more.nairobi-flower-delivery

Our effort, creativity have made us an award-winning company that we have become the most sought flower company in the city. We have been constantly voted in as the best. In Nairobi we have received much recognition for identifying with our customer’s needs, making deliveries in time and helping in creating an awesome moment for the people they love. Not once or twice have we scooped the award for the top-most flower shop in Nairobi, and still in other categories such as “the Best Wedding Florists of the Year” among others. We thank God for this far and the many blessings, more so in making our work attract recognition. That not enough we always work our way up to reach the immense possibilities. Our effort, persistence, creativity and passion have enabled us to work our way up to reach the top.

The clients we have served, still serving them, are drawn from far and wide; within the city of sun-Nairobi, the breeze of the ocean-Mombasa up to the Kenyan highlands. Our services are highly efficient and fast within the city. Seek our services and we will come to you. We are covered everywhere, even in the places you think we would never be. Our dedicated team has made deliveries to major cities in Kenya such as Thika, Kiambu, Machakos, Kisumu, Eldoret, Naivasha, Nakuru, Nyeri, Nanyuki, Narok, Embu and many more. Just so you know we intend to keep in joining our big flower family. In fact we seek to create a movement, unified by one thing-flowers.

Our beautiful flowers are sourced both far and Wide. We pride being in wonderful relationships with amazing flower farms which provide us with nothing but their best. Flowers from roses, Lilies, Hydrangeas, Alstroemeria, Carnations, Birds of paradise, Peonies, Asiatic and Calla Lillies and much more. Always going out to handpicked from the best in various flower farms, located both near and wide. As is our goal and aim, we always ensure the product getting to our clients is top-notch. The best the country ever produced. Always ensuring we have enough flowers and the best for both your Wedding and special occasions like Valentines Day.valentine-flowers-nairobi

We are delighted to have attended to some very recognized personalities and celebrities in Kenya. They all calls us wanting nothing but a beautiful flower bouquet for their friends and perfect flower arrangement for an important occasion. And from the testimonials, we have always made the deliveries leaving behind an awe legacy.

Together with our floral experts, we continued to reign in the corporate world in making every moment count in their celebrations and maintaining the fragrance of their offices in Kenya. We offer flowers arrangement and customized gift packages that goes hand in hand with the day’s theme. We offer you with affordable corporate gifts either random or end year. They are guaranteed to wow either your boss or your staff. At we work according to your colours and likes. We offer you limitless options both creative and cool.

We just do not do flowers and Gifts, we give an event the authenticity, showing the objectivity and a forthright sense of splendor and grandeur. Every organisation yearns to showcase how much they appreciate their team members. We make that a reality for you and your team.  Seeing the glamour and glitter on the actual event, to us is not only a payday but an inner satisfaction knowing we have brightened someone’s day.

Err is to man. Many are times that we make mistakes probably hurting the ones we love. Anyone can mess, but what matters is to say: I am sorry. It is very important to make an effort in sending a sincere apology. There’s only one way that works magic. Send flowers with “I am sorry,” note. And not just any flower that says sorry. No. Ask the experts; we. You will just love the ending results. We have a special collection of flowers to say sorry. Get to us and we respond immediately. Nothing more beautiful in life than a second chance. Our flower selection is the utmost key to that second chance with your cherished one. Place an order and we will get it delivered for you that special ones’ doorstep, in their office, in the coffee shop, just anywhere to say; I am sorry.

We aim to inculcate a culture of sending flowers to the people we have close to our hearts. Family, friends, colleagues and even our bosses, to remind them how loved and treasured they are by you. And believe you me, it works magic. If you start doing with flowers there’s no stopping because it creates a stronger bond than the chemistry covalent bonds. When you remember someone, surprise them with a bunch of beautiful blooms and they will never forget you. Send them flowers anywhere in Kenya with us and it will be done.

To celebrate someone’s getting one year old there are a lot of gifts we can offer them. Make it unique by ordering the birthday person a bouquet of the best birthday flowers packaged with beautiful teddy bear and a chocolate cake. Celebrate it like never before because there are getting no young. No other time will they celebrate that day; once in a life chance to add a beautiful moment in their memories. Visit our flower shop in Nairobi, Kenya. We are located just within the city limits. There’s no hassle in finding the because we are the best in town with something for everyone.

In urgent need of sending flowers or delivering anywhere in town? Worry no more because we are with you always. To us speed and time counts. We have all it takes to serve your needs. Our delivery team is more than ready to get things done for you. Make a call, an email or just a text to place an order and your flowers will reach the destination in time and still beautiful as required.

Here at, we are with you in times of happiness and mourning. We are always behind you to share the moments and cherish a life well spent. That’s why we have extended our services to cater for the funeral and sympathy flower needs in Nairobi and nationwide.basket-flower-nairobi

There is nothing more beautiful and satisfying than making a person feel they are cherished and loved especially in times of sickness. Light a smile to sick person to let them know you have them in your prayers and in heart. Order them the most beautiful roses to surround them in their hospital beds. It gives them hope and strength to fight on.

For a long time we have worked closely with hospitals and funeral service providers in Nairobi in delivering flowers for the sick and departed souls. We are renowned in all major hospital in Nairobi. Delivering to hospitals like Nairobi Hospital, Aga Khan Hospital, Matter Hospital,Guru Nanak Hospital, Kenyatta National Hospital, Nazareth hospital, Karen Hospital and many More….

Ours is the responsibility to ensure we give you only the best.

Nairobi Florists17-minHow to show you are together with the bereaved families by sending condolence messages is a proper way but you can now say it even better, make a meaning of it and perfectly by sending sympathy flowers and a card in offering sincere condolences. Send them flowers through us and we will prepare the most beautiful garland of flowers.

Many are the times we receive calls needing urgent delivery of funeral flowers and no time have we ever disappointed. In this life, we have only one chance to give those who have left us a proper send-off. If it passes, no other time will you ever. For a proper send-off, flowers gives a sense of love, hope of life, and a true evidence of how beautiful the person made your life. In funerals, flowers are a sign that they will forever be in your hearts. Funeral flowers are a leverage for everybody. We have packages that fits everyone’s budget and we give out the best. Our services in delivering funeral flowers goes beyond Nairobi. We advise you to place your order in advance for prior preparations. We will get it to you anywhere. Anytime.

To remind you of our commitment in making your life full of glamour and fragrance we have formed partnerships with fellow like-minded souls and made it our responsibility to unleash the beauty of flowers. This goes a long way in making your home a paradise.

We seek to cater for all your flower needs; from fresh-cut flowers to potted plants and live blossoms in your home, offices and institutions. Our Partners at Wafa Gardeners, the best landscaping company in Nairobi, aim to meet all your plant flowers and Landscaping demands. They offer landscaping services both in supplying indoor, outdoor plants, potted plants and accompaniments and maintaining the lawns and home parks. Wafa Gardeners are equipped with the most skilled personnel and plant varieties to suit the ecological conditions of your residence. Want to start a flower garden in your home? Contact us now and we will refer them to you. We want to help you connect with nature and do something for the environment.flower-delivery-nairobi

Our services can be compared to no other. We have the best payment options that are user friendly, convenient, safer and efficient and best flower delivery services in Nairobi, Kenya.  Now Accepting Mpesa, Airtel Money, Western Union, Moneygram, Paypal, Visa and Mastercard.

Ordering flowers for that special occasion needs not to cause worries, we have made it easier than ever, because we are taking care of your needs. website has been customized and made simple and with accurate information. Enquire with us and our customer care personnel will get back to you as soon as you place a request for information.