Flower Tiaras and Hand corsages In Nairobi


Flowers have a long and rich history beyond just decorating your table and wedding. They are used for medicinal purposes among others and amazingly they used to make flower tiaras and hand corsages.



Flower tiaras are simply the so-called flower crowns, they headpieces made of flowers that are won on the head and on the other hand corsages are small posy of flowers worn by a woman around her wrist. These are both used for body decoration and they add a lovely touch to any event.


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Flowers-corsage-nairobi-gerberaFlower tiaras and hand corsages have a wide range of uses and meanings. In the world today they are worn by brides during their big day as a symbol of love and celebration. These flower corsages and crowns make the bride smell heavenly and have a breathtaking look. However, they have other uses differing from one country to another. Taking an example of Ukraine, floral headpieces were used traditionally by young girls in the marital stage and also used to ordain heads of newly married couples. In Ancient Greek, They were regarded as a deferential way of honoring their gods. Traditionally Chinese women wore orange – hued flower tiaras in weddings as a symbol of fertility and lots of kids after marriage.


There are different types of hand corsages and flower tiaras:

 Flower tiaras

  • Wired tiaras
  • Braided tiaras
  • Flower headband tiaras

 Hand Corsages

  • Modern hand  corsages
  • Traditional hand corsages


The make of flower tiaras and hand corsages is just the same what demarcates them is the size. The pieces of equipment needed to make them is a florist’s wire, florist’s tape, flowers, measuring tape and a pair of scissors.


  • Measure the size of your wrist and head using the measuring tape.
  • Measure a piece of sturdy florist’s wire according to the measurements.
  • Make a ring with the wire and overlap the edges.
  • Choose your favorite flowers and cut the stems.
  • Attach the first flower to the wire base using the florist’s tape.
  • Continue adding and taping the flowers around the wire.
  • At the end, you came up with a spectacular flower tiara or hand corsage.
  • You can opt to use a ribbon to make it have a stunning look.

In conclusion, flower tiaras and hand corsages can be made from fresh flowers or artificial flowers it just depends on the taste of an individual.



Whether you are going to a wedding or to a garden party flower tiaras and hand corsages are the best ways to make the moment fresh and gleaming.

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Did you know?

Hand corsages is a name used for the wrist ornament only in women and name given to wrist ornament worn by men is boutonniere. If you didn’t know now you know.