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36 red Roses

KES8,800.00 KES7,600.00
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  • 100 Long Stem Roses- Bestseller Bouquet


    Surprise and excite the one you love with our Best-seller Bouquet of 100 Long Stem roses. This bouquet is guaranteed to leave her speechless or her office ever talking. Guaranteed to leave her house in a Romantic nice mess, thinking of you every Minute. Roses say “I Love you” better than words do! Let do the talking.

    KES19,370.00 KES17,500.00

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  • 15 red roses+ Chocolates

    KES6,600.00 KES6,000.00

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  • 36 red Roses

    This amazing 36 red rose bouquet creates an amazing impression to your Loved. Beautifully arranged and amazingly presented.

    KES8,800.00 KES7,600.00

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  • 750 Long Stem Red Roses

    This is a custom Order Just for You. Will contain 750 roses beautifully wrapped and delivered as per the instructions.

    The Image is just for illustration Purposes. The Bouquet will bigger than that.


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  • 80 Long Stem Red Roses- Delivering Beautiful Blooms

    Amazing 80 Long stem red roses in a clear Glass Vase. Delivered Same day in all points of Nairobi, Kenya. Either in office of in homes. Perfect Gift to Express your Love.

    KES9,800.00 KES8,500.00

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  • Abundant Glory- Delivering Beautiful Blooms

    Beautiful package at an irresistible price. The package comes with a teddy bear, a balloon, and a bouquet. The bouquet is beautifully arranged by our expert florists using one of the best Gerberas, red roses, and, suitable green fillers. Order yours today!

    KES7,950.00 KES7,600.00

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  • Admiration Medium Round Hat Box

    Comes In either a black, red or Pink round, hat Box.

    This Product contains 12 amazing red roses and Lots of Filler to fill.

    The product is Available for delivery on Valentine’s day. May not Be available for Booking On 14th. Order Early. Avid Last Minute disappointments.


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  • Adorable Round Hat Box

    Comes In either a black, red or Pink Heart, hat Box.

    This Product contains 18 amazing red roses and Lots of Filler to fill.

    The product is Available for delivery on Valentine’s day. May not Be available for Booking On 14th. Order Early. Avid Last Minute disappointments.


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  • Always Together- Delivering Beautiful Blooms

    I would truly recommend this flower arrangement to anyone, anytime. It’s one of our favorites here. Our expert florists will ensure that it makes you love kindle even brighter whilst paying detail to each of its specifics.

    KES4,950.00 KES4,600.00

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  • Assorted Helium Latex balloons – 30 Pieces

    KES16,000.00 KES13,500.00

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  • Assorted Latex Birthday Balloons – 6 Pieces

    KES3,000.00 KES2,700.00

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  • Assorted Latex Helium Balloons – 12 Pieces

    KES6,000.00 KES5,400.00

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  • Basket Arrangement- Carnations

    Made beautifully with Carnations. Red and yellow is the default colours. You can, however, point out your favourable colours as you checkout.

    KES5,200.00 KES4,700.00

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  • Basket roses+Chocolates+Namaqua Wine

    A basket of red roses, Guylian chocolates and Namaqua Wine

    KES10,600.00 KES9,800.00

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  • Bliss in a Box- Delivering Amazing Chocolates

    KES11,500.00 KES9,999.00

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  • Bliss in Flower- Delivering Beautiful Blooms

    KES4,200.00 KES3,860.00

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  • Blooming Duo- Nairobi’s Best Florists

    KES3,800.00 KES3,500.00

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  • Bridal Bouquet

    KES5,900.00 KES5,600.00

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  • Captivation; Delivering Beautiful Blooms


    Fre your love from Captivation with this amazing flower arrangement. Made in a beautiful white Vase. Composed of amazing yellow roses and Orange Gerberas.

    KES3,400.00 KES3,000.00

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  • Christmas bloom

    Pamper your lovely with this luxurious lavender and cream bouquet! Ravishing roses, fragrant lilies and delicate lisianthus a sweet surprise they’ll never forget this season.

    KES7,100.00 KES6,500.00

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  • Christmas Bouquet Splash- Nairobi’s Best Florists

    Bouquet comes up as on the picture. Made up of red roses green spider mumps and amazing red berries ready for delivery all over Kenya. Perfect bouquet for Christmas. Comes wrapped in Marroon Cellophane.

    KES5,300.00 KES4,920.00

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  • Christmas Fair- Delivering Beautiful Christmas Gifts

    Made up of Colours red and greens. Comes with two Candles attached. Table piece. May be delivered same day or day Indicated. Delivery available all across Nairobi.

    KES4,800.00 KES4,500.00

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  • Christmas Table Flower- Delivering Beautiful Bloom

    This Christmas table flower is beautiful and creatively created to make your Christmas be there to remember. Its a perfect gift for your loved ones or family in Nairobi. Product contains Carnations and chrathemus.

    KES5,600.00 KES5,100.00

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  • Christmas Vase Flower- Nairobi’s Best Florists

    This Christmas Vase flower is made up of colourful flowers specifically to Match Christmas mood. Coes in a clear Vase. May or may not come with the cones.

    KES5,800.00 KES5,200.00

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  • Crimson Collection

    A spirited display of bright, bold hues to give your special recipient a refreshing burst of happiness. Green carnations, white and red roses, yellow sunflower, green button poms and lush greens are blooming with cheer seated in the box , an elegance creation of a crimson collection.

    KES4,700.00 KES4,500.00

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  • Duo Tenderness- Send Flowers Kenya

    Simply an amazing flower arrangement. Prepared in a bowl Vase. Made with the best flowers from the best flower farms In Kenya. Order one today!

    KES3,400.00 KES3,200.00

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  • Epitome Of Love- Nairobi’s Best Florists

    This freshly and innovative floral design incorporates beauty of flowers in a vase. The bright yellow coloured and yellow Gerberas bring so much life in the flowers. Best suited as a get well soon flowers. Designed by top notch florists in Nairrobi.

    KES3,900.00 KES3,600.00

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  • Everlasting Frost

    This radiant arrangement includes,red and pink roses, miniature carnations and carnations accented with fresh greens making up an everlasting frost that will cheer you this Christmas

    KES4,600.00 KES4,000.00

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  • Exotic Bunch- Delivering Beautiful Blooms


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  • Extra loving

    A pretty design of fresh cut carnations and mini carnations in shades of pinks with filler. Long lasting beauty to have it delivered to your loved to make this Christmas extra special.

    KES4,500.00 KES4,200.00

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  • Festive Bouquet- Delivering Beautiful Blooms

    This perfect bouquet will aways wake your Christmas memories. Beautifully crafted and beautifully wrapped in clear Cellophane. Delivery Available

    KES5,200.00 KES4,920.00

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  • Fontera Cabernet Sauvignon

    These amazing wines come in either Three options. White, red sweet or the Dry Red Option. Its possibly our Favorite wine selection this valentine.

    It encompasses a rich flavor Of Cherries and Is available to take down with major Dishes and curries.



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  • Forget Me Not

    Amazing Valentine Red roses in amazing packaging.

    The Box comes In either black, white or red. Contains around 12 roses and fillers.

    The product is available for delivery on valentines day or any other day of your choice. product Might Not Be available for Booking On 14th. So order Early.


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  • Gerbera Bouquet- Nairobi’s Bestseller Flower Bouquet

    For many years down the line, this bouquet makes each of our customers coming back for more and More. Its has topped our charts for the last three years. You can never go wrong with colorful and Bright bouquet. It’s simply amazing…


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  • Guylian Belgian Chocolates


    Made up of 29 pieces. Product similar to the photo.

    KES2,200.00 KES1,800.00

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  • Guylian Chocolates- Les Exclusives

    KES2,600.00 KES2,350.00

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  • Hand Tied- Delivering Beautiful Blooms

    Whatever the Occasion, Brighten someone’s day by sending this bright and Lovely scented Hand tied. Created  with amazing Asiatic Lillies, Lisianthus, Leather Ferns, Chrathemus, and Lovely red roses. Hand tied and wrapped by our Professional florists.

    KES3,800.00 KES3,610.00

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  • Helium Balloons – Polka Dot – 20 Pieces

    20 latex Polka balloons inflated with Helium Gas. The perfect way to celebrate that special someone on their birthdays, Anniversary, wedding or graduation. Available for the delivery same day all across Nairobi. Comes in different assorted colours.

    KES10,000.00 KES9,000.00

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  • Helium Balloons(10 balloons)- Nairobi’s Best Gift Shop


    Our Helium Ballons uses high-quality latex. Comes in a minimum of 10. We can, however, include more if you wish so. We also try customize them according to the occasion, either birthday or anniversary. Whichever occasion. Please mention that on the order notes as you check out.

    KES4,800.00 KES4,500.00

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  • Helium Latex Balloons – Peach – 10 Pieces

    KES5,500.00 KES4,500.00

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