Vibrant Array- Delivering Beautiful Blooms

For an instant dose of sunshine, try this smile-bringer! Whether the message is, “You are my sunshine” or, “Things will get brighter,” this gorgeous bouquet will make her day! Yellow Gerberas and yellow Soladusta blooms co-exist sweetly with spray roses and daisies in a simple clear glass vase. There’s nothing like it to convey “Happy Birthday,” “Get Well Soon,” or “I Love You” sentiments with style!

KES4,020.00 KES3,750.00

Bright yellow Gerberas and amazing spray roses this make this vase arrangement suitable for all occasion. Its represent all with a sure was to return smiles. Made in a clear glass vase. Surely, no one can be in the presence of something so inherently happy and not smile. We also do offer deliveries services to all your flowers in Nairobi and Beyond. We are simply the best!


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