There is always a roaming debate about sending flowers. A big question lies on whether it is

imperative to send and receive flowers in nairobi. Is it important to use your resources to send someone

flowers? Does it mean those who don’t send others flowers do not value them? In as much as

doing any other thing like giving words of affirmation to others shows you appreciate them,

sending them flowers goes a long way in creating a deeper connection with them.


For the longest time sending flowers to Nairobi has been upheld and there it is considered a

tradition.Several occasion are marked with sending and receiving flowers. Valentine’s day is

one of the most day celebrated days. It is considered as a day when lovers express their love to

their significant other by sending them flowers. Some send flowers with other accompaniments

such as chocolates. Other occasions include mother’s day, father’s day,birthdays, funerals just to

mention but a few, during such occasions, sending flowers is very relevant and it is a sign of how

much you embrace the person being celebrated.


Sending people flowers means you are thinking about them. Flowers are visual and hence they

are more appealing to the recipient. They also show that the sender had considered various

tokens of appreciation and flowers seemed the most suitable for them. The recipient appreciates

the sender’s thought and feels appreciated.

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Flowers also serve to boost people’s morale. For instance, a patient in a hospital, receiving

flowers sooth them make them forget their pain. This puts a smile on their face. Flowers also

have a way of solving a crisis. In a scenario where an individual has wronged another, sending

them flowers to express apologies speaks volumes than how words would do. When mourning

loss of a loved one flowers help reduce stress of the bereaved while giving them warm support

and comfort.

send-flowers-nairobiFlowers are part of God’s creation. At Nairobi Florists, we perfect try our best to bring it in the best way possible. They add aesthetic value to the environment. Therefore

sending people flowers is a great way of appreciating nature and all it offers. It is all nature’s

beauty narrowed down in form of flowers to show others how much you value them.

Accessibility of flowers also makes it easy for people to send them to others. When one is not

sure what to gift others on their achievements or during celebratory events flowers are

considered handy. When everything else fails, flowers serve the purpose. Technology has also

made this possible since there are online flower shops In Nairobi and In Kenya where people shop easily and delivery is

done to the recipient. Therefore there is certain accessibility and availability of flowers.


The idea of sending flower also play an important role in the economy. This is achieved in terms

of job creation to people ranging from flower farm owners, flower company owners, florists and

many more people. All individuals involved in the process of getting flowers from the farms to

having them delivered to a recipient benefit in one way or the other. In countries like Kenya

agriculture is considered to be the backbone of the country’s economy. Therefore, horticultural

farming plays a major role in boosting the economy.


In conclusion, sending people flowers is equally essential to the person to send as well as the

one receiving. It is there important to encourage people to appreciate others by sending them

flowers often. Flowers are beautiful and hence add beauty to process of sending them as well.